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Bài tập SBVL1 (Tiếng Anh) - Phần AXIAL LOAD (tiếp theo)

  • Đăng bởi: lethithanhbinh
  • Sinh viên
  • 18/10/2019

Problem 1 (Pig SBVL1)

The frame shown consists of four wooden members, ABC, DEF, BE, and CF. Knowing that each member has a 2 x 4-in. rectangular cross section and that each pin has a 1/2-in. diameter. Determine the maximum value of the average normal stress (a) in member BE, (b) in member CF.

Problem 2 (Pig SBVL2)

A 40-kN axial load is applied to a short wooden post that is supported by a concrete footing resting on undisturbed soil. Determine (a) the maximum bearing stress on the concrete footing, (b) the size of the footing for which the average bearing stress in the soil is 145 kPa.


Problem 3 (Pig SBVL3)

Both portions of the rod ABC are made of an aluminum for which E = 70 GPa. Knowing that the magnitude of P is 4 kN, determine (a) the value of Q so that the deflection at A is zero, (b) the corresponding deflection of B.


Problem 4 (Pig SBVL4)

 Link BD is made of brass (E = 105 GPa) and has a cross-sectional area of 240 mm2. Link CE is made of aluminum (E = 72 GPa) and has a cross-sectional area of 300 mm2. Knowing that they support rigid member ABC, determine the maximum force P that can be applied vertically at point A if the eflection of A is not to exceed 0.35 mm.

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