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Ôn tập SBVL1 (Bài tập Tiếng anh/Bài 8 đến bài 13)

  • Đăng bởi: lethithanhbinh
  • Sinh viên
  • 18/09/2019

  1. The rubber band of unstretched length 2r is forced down the frustum of the cone. Determine the average normal strain in the band as a function of z. (P6)

      9. The wire has a diameter of 5 mm and is made from A-36 steel. If a 80-kg man is sitting on seat C, determine                the elongation of wire DE. (P7)


  1. The thin-walled tube is subjected to an axial force of 40 kN. If the tube elongates 3 mm and its circumference decreases 0.09 mm, determine the modulus of elasticity, Poisson’s ratio, and the shear modulus of the tube’s material. The material behaves elastically. (P8)
  2. When the two forces are placed on the beam, the diameter of the A-36 steel rod BC decreases from 40 mm to 39.99 mm. Determine the magnitude of each force P. (P9)
  3. If P= 150 kN, determine the elastic elongation of rod BC and the decrease in its diameter. Rod BC is made of A-36 steel and has a diameter of 40 mm. (P9)


  1. The A992 steel rod is subjected to the loading shown. If the cross-sectional area of the rod is 60 mm2, determine the displacement of B and A, Neglect the size of the couplings at B, C, and D.(P10)

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