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Mini test 1 (Thủy lực)

  • Đăng bởi: nguyenphuocbinh
  • Sinh viên
  • 18/12/2018

Test 1


  1. The correct units on viscosity are

(A)  kg/(s.m)

(B)  kg.m/s

(C)  kg.s/m

(D)  kg.m/s2


  1. A vacuum of 25 kPa is measured at a location where the elevation is 4000 m. The absolute pressure, in millimeters of mercury, is nearest

(A)  425 mm

(B)  375 mm

(C)  325 mm

(D)  275 mm


  1. A fluid mass of 1500 kg occupies 2 m3. Its specific gravity is nearest

(A) 1.5

(B)  0.75

(C)  0.30

(D)  0.15


  1. Two meters of water is equivalent to how many millimeters of mercury?

(A)  422 mm

(B)  375 mm

(C)  231 mm

(D)  147 mm


  1. A U-tube manometer measures the pressure in an air pipe to be 10 cm of water. The pressure in the pipe is nearest

(A)  843 Pa

(B)  981 Pa

(C)  1270 Pa

(D)  1430 Pa


  1. A submersible has a viewing window that is 60 cm in diameter. Determine the pressure force of the water on the window if the center of the window is 30 m below the surface and the horizontal window.

(A)  65.8 kN

(B)  79.3 kN

(C)  83.2 kN

(D)  99.1 kN


  1. A 3-m-high, open cubical tank is filled with water. One end acts as a gate and has a hinge at the very bottom. What force at the very top of the gate is needed to just hold the gate shut?

(A)  44.1 kN

(B)  38.2 kN

(C)  23.9 kN

(D)  20.1 kN

  1. A body weighs 200 N in air and 125 N when submerged in water. Its specific weight is nearest

(A) 2.31

(B) 2.49

(C) 2.54

(D)  2.67


  1. A 1.4-m-high, 4.2-m-long enclosed tank is filled with water and accelerated horizontally at 6 m/s2. If the top of the tank has a small slit across the front, the maximum pressure in the tank is nearest

(A)  38.9 kPa

(B)  45.8 kPa

(C)  59.7 kPa

(D)  66.7 kPa


  1. The force on the rear of the 80-cm-wide tank (the vertical end) of Prob. 8 is nearest

(A)  108 kN

(B)  95 kN

(C)  79 kN

(D)  56 kN