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Bài tập SBVL2 (Tiếng Anh) - Phần BENDING (Bài 1 dến bài 4)

  • Đăng bởi: lethithanhbinh
  • Sinh viên
  • 18/10/2019

Problem 1 (Pig SBVL2.1)

 Knowing that the bending moment in the reinforced concrete beam is +100 kip x ft and that the modulus of elasticity is 3.625 x 106 psi for the concrete and 29 x 106 psi for the steel, determine (a) the stress in the steel, (b) the maximum stress in the concrete.


Problem 2 (SBVL2.2)

Five metal strips, each 40 mm wide, are bonded together to form the composite beam shown. The modulus of elasticity is 210 GPa for the steel, 105 GPa for the brass, and 70 GPa for the aluminum. Knowing that the beam is bent about a horizontal axis by a couple of moment 1800 N.m, determine (a) the maximum stress in each of the three metals, (b) the radius of curvature of the composite beam.


Problem 3 (SBVL2.3)

The couple M is applied to a beam of the cross section shown in a plane forming an angle b with the vertical. Determine the stress at (a) point A, (b) point B, (c) point D.


Problem 4 (Pig SBVL2.4)

 Knowing that P = 90 kips, determine the largest distance a for which the maximum compressive stress does not exceed 18 ksi.

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